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Upswing Poker Course

Buy an Upswing course to hold sway over poker games

Video poker classes have long been the #1 way for players to level up their skills. Among a plethora of online schools and private tutors, Upswing has earned kudos for its big-name coaches and all-around training. But the platform’s prices are far from beginner-friendly. At PokerCourses.net, we want to help everyone unravel their poker potential with affordable Upswing courses. Buy, watch, and learn from Nick Petrangelo, Uri Peleg, Pratyush Buddiga, Kane Kalas, Darren Elias, and other pros who have amassed seven-figure payouts. Whether you are a tournament player or are deeply into head-to-head clashes, upgrade your strategies to be a force to be reckoned with at the table!

Upswing Poker courses for high rollers and wannabes

Upswing is a treasure trove of comprehensive video sessions that span various training programs tailored to those playing mid-stakes or high-stakes and willing to become proficient in the game. They are teeming with theory-backed strategies and proven at-the-table tips that will help you leave online and live tournaments with deep pockets.  In other words, enrolling in an Upswing Poker cash game course is a bright idea if you are determined to:
  • Learn to implement poker strategies that really work 
  • Master betting tips for atypical and stressful situations at the table
  • Get inspired by poker pros with proven knowledge and win ratio
  • Sharpen your practical skills and learn to read your opponents in online and live games
Online Upswing Poker courses comprise 4 to 30 hours of expert video content, delving into every facet of play depending on your game preferences. Taught by mighty coaches, you are guaranteed to get valuable insights from those who have won millions in competitions and have secrets to share. 

Join an Upswing online class at a discounted price

Would you like to be unbeatable at the poker tournament and earn high-roller status? Choose your Upswing training by the type of game you’re most interested in. At PokerCourses.net, you can take classes for:
  • MTTs
  • Heads-Ups
  • Six Plus Hold’em
  • Other poker events for experienced players
Buying a course now means you will get a hefty discount for accessing full-scale training whenever you want. Plus, enrolling in our lifetime membership program will give you unlimited access to all Upswing highlights and other classes for the lowest price you have ever seen for advanced poker training. We bet that completing an Upswing cash game course will become your trampoline to once-barred prize pools!





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Smash Live Cash is an in-depth training course made for serious cash game players. Your new coach, Nick Petrangelo, reveals the exact theory-backed...
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56 Lectures
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