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Upswing_Tournament Master Class

The Tournament Master Class is now available from Upwswing Poker, featuring high-stakes poker pro Pratyush Buddiga, and of course lead instructors Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. 

The Tournament Master Class is now available from Upwswing Poker, featuring high-stakes poker pro Pratyush Buddiga, and of course lead instructors Doug Polk and Ryan Fee. 

What You Get

Pratyush Buddiga

The Upswing Poker MTT Master Class is centered around more than 30 hours of video instruction, primarily lead by Pratyush Buddiga. Buddiga is a highly successful tournament poker pro, who has more than $6.4 million in lifetime live tournament earnings and frequently participates in some of the highest-stakes tournaments in the world. Buddiga finished sixth in the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl in 2017 for $1 million.

Buddiga opens the course with an introduction that underlines why players need to focus on the theory behind sound tournament strategy.

“In tournaments, people have always had this feeling that every spot is unique and therefore you can use that idea to justify any play you want,” said Buddiga. “While I agree that there are always going to be reasons to make adjustments from your default, it’s important to know what the defaults are… The best way to be a great player in 2017 is to have strong fundamentals, then you make exploits and adjustments as you gain information. That is what all of the great players now do.”

After his introductory mission statement, Buddiga goes in-depth into strategy with five distinct sections. The first four are broken down by the obvious decision points in poker hands: Preflop(14 videos), The Flop (9 videos), The Turn (9 videos) and The River (4 videos). As you can tell from the number of videos in each section, an extra emphasis is rightly placed on preflop as it is the most played and therefore likely the most important street in poker.


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